23 February 2011

drawing girl

Drawing kids and making kids character are really tough for me. I am stuck at that stage and feel like not being able to get out...

Sketches for the dummy book. I was planning to make a complete dummy book and two or three finished paintings by the crit on Thursday next week but it seems impossible...

To be comfortable with drawing children is not something that I can attain in six weeks. I should spend whole this summer sketching kids!! It must be a happy thing to know what is my problem and what to do to overcome it.


  1. ヤマセミ24/2/11 08:08


  2. my teacher told me often "pay attention to the detail" well, because i didn't like drawing hands(& fingers).

  3. sorry. half of my comment were gone. I don't know this story encourrage you or not, but Beatrix Potter had a hard time drawing the kid, too(when she was working with "mrs.tiggy-winkle"). I think kids are hard to sketch...they won't stay still.

  4. ヤマセミさん、
    Hi Hiromi,
    Since everybody instinctively knows how children(human figure)look like, it easily becomes obvious whether we draw them correct or wrong...
    My friends kindly gave me some opportunities to draw kids but I could only draw a lot of lines and a few sketches that somewhat look like people.