22 February 2011


Joining the tour, I learned a lot, not only birds but also food and cultures. Even though I am staying in UK, I haven't been able to experience much British food yet since I'm living on my own, cooking something that I know.

Spotted and Common Redshank(ツルシギとアカアシシギ)
It was really clear that Spotted Redshank has much longer bill than common one.

Spotted Dick


  1. かもたん22/2/11 10:08

    Spotted Redshank ツルシギだったよね。唐沢孝一さんの『野鳥用語小辞典』で「嘴端開閉 したんかいへい」ということを昔習い憶えた。シギ類の嘴の先端だけが開閉すること。シギ類の上嘴だけが上に曲げられて嘴が開く仕組み。干潟の泥中からゴカイなどを引き出すとき、上下の嘴全体を開けて捕らえることは困難であるが、嘴の先端だけを開閉できると容易に捕食できる と説明されている。シギの口を開けた写真やイラストを見ると、異常に惹きつけられるのだ、かもじいは。

  2. Hmm, interesting distinction between the Spotted Redshank and the Common Redshank. Can you tell us the differences between the Spotted Redshank and the Spotted Dick?

  3. かもたんさま、
    Hi Zack,
    That's a hard question because the two "spotted" species are really hard to distinguish even for the skilled birders. But Spotted Dick looks yellowish while Spotted Redshank looks gray. Also, Redshank has much longer bill and legs than Dick so that Redshank looks like a bird but Dick look like a cake. Their Habitat is different as well: Redshank lives in marshes and moorland and Dick is often observed in peoples houses in countryside.