26 April 2011


While I was writing and drawing for my assignments, summer visitors had already come. Although I am still far away from finishing them, I went out for birdwatching because spring comes only once in a year and I'm not sure if I can stay here next year. I was surprised to hear Cuckoo here in April because in Japan it is usually spotted after May.

It became a day to learn warblers.


Grasshopper Warbler(ヤチセンニュウ)
We were lucky enough to see it closely! Its eye-stripe is pale and thin. But Reed Warbler (ヨーロッパヨシキリ)has more plain face and the color is more orange with no pattern on its back. Reed Warbler was hidden in the reed and didn't allow me to sketch...

Sedge Warbler(スゲヨシキリ)
has bold black eye-stripe and obvious cream eyebrow. The one that I sketched had a ring on its leg. In England, I've seen ringed birds more often than in Japan.


  1. Those turned out really nice, Ting!

  2. Thanks, Zack. I painted so that I wouldn't forget them...
    But it's their songs that is more important to identify them and unfortunately I can't paint songs:) Maybe you can do it!

  3. Not bad,Ting! Anyway, I can see that you know how to draw and to paint the birds.

  4. Hi Frank,
    Yes, I love drawing birds...but not children:)