9 May 2013

Doñana National Park

We visited the Doñana National Park, the Europe's largest nature park and the natural heritage site. It was honestly "my day" during the trip!


Part of the Ermita de El Rocío.

Squacco Heron(カンムリサギ)
There was a variety of big waders, purple herons, night herons, cattle egrets, glossy ibises, spoonbills, white storks and and...flamingos!!!

Corn Bunting (ハタホオジロ)
In the woodland and the field, we saw bee-eaters, woodchat shrikes, a great grey shrike, serins, a pied flycatcher, azure-winged magpies...

Our guide had an amazing eye and he spotted this little owl sitting camouflaged in the dead tree trunk.

Black-winged stilt was one of the commonest birds there. When they sit on their nests, their long legs stick out strangely!

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