11 August 2014

Flood and Heat Attack


I joined the research of the little terns' breeding colony again at the end of July.  The place was so crowded with many incubating adults, little chicks and eggs on my previous visit in mid-June that I was a little shocked to find the place already rather empty.

Little Tern's abandoned eggs.  The storm caused a serious flood at their nesting site on the roof top of a sewerage facility building.  Lots of eggs were swept away.  I asked the staff and brought back two dead ones to paint.  It is sad to face things like this.

Yet, several little chicks had survived the storm and they were growing day by day. The hot sun was burning everything on the roof top so the chicks were wherever a shadow was.  We found several of them under the shelters, which the staff had put on the site.  




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