2 January 2015

A Happy New Year!

2015 is the year of sheep and since we don't have sheep in the filed in Japan, here is a image from north of England. I love those black faced sheep and the undulating scenery. I hope I will see them this year. I wish you a great year!

My new year's resolution is to keep working and keep learning as well as to stop occasionally to think back and think forward!  Well, that's all I can try on this still-misty track of my life.  
除夜の鐘を撞きに行き、珍しくおみくじを引いたら「大吉」だって! 仕事は順調で願いは達せられるって! 謙虚にがんばろう。お正月にそういう気分になれたことが、何よりも大吉。

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