16 February 2015


Our sketching event entered its second year and we had the sixth one at the Shinobazunoike pond in Ueno, the same place we did the first event.  We now seem to have several regular attenders and I am very grateful to them.
Here is the official blog page to find photos and sketches from the day.  


Pintail and other ducks (オナガガモ)
It is always challenging to paint the water reflection but I love it.  

Black-crowned night heron (ゴイサギ)
I used gouache for this piece.  Since I went to the special exhibition on an unfamiliar French artist called Robert Coutelas at Shoto museum in Shibuya, Tokyo, I was in the mood of trying opaque, thick paint.
It takes rather a long time to paint over in layers for field work but it is a brilliant media to catch certain atmosphere.

This time, I was focusing on shadow and light.  

During the crit, we found that several people drew the pattern at the back of the pintail!  It's interesting to know what drew people's attention.  

Common Gull (カモメ)

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