13 April 2015

Assisi, Ravenna and Pisa

Our trip continued and we visited Assisi, another city on a hill.
I was very happy to see Giotto's fresco painting of Sermon to the Birds. It looked very different from what I know from art books because it was on the wall of this massive Basilica with all the other fresco paintings and beautiful columns.

We wanted to sketch the Assisi city, too, but the day we spent there was extremely windy. We couldn't walk straight when we climbed up to Rocca Maggiore, big fortress on top of the city. So we decided to sit in a cafe and have thick hot chocolate and draw the pastries.

Assisi city from the station.  Most of the building there were either in white or pale colour.   
I don't have any decent sketch from Ravenna. We were too busy enjoying the lovely mosaic pictures and looking for bird species in there. I spotted partridges, peacocks, mallard, parakeets, hens, owls, lots of doves and perhaps a heron.

Yiting did a good sketch of the famous leaning tower in Pisa but I thought I would get tired of drawing many stories of the building and we only had short time left before our flight back to London. So I did a study of cypress instead.  They are such a special shape.  

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