24 April 2015

London Wetland Centre

Someone is birdwatching almost everyday here!
I visited the London Wetland Centre with RSPB Cambridge group last Saturday. It is so nice to have a group that you can go back to, after being away for more than a year.

Nesting lapwing.

Coot and its chicks.

A canada goose, a little ringed plover and a redshank.

And the next day, my friend took me up to Norfolk coast to see the wader spectacular, one of my favorite birdwatching experience in the UK.  Most of the black-tailed godwits and some of the knots were in summer plumage and we spotted a wheatear.  Spring is here.    


I heard that there are many Ring Ouzels spotted this year in Cambridgeshire!

A male green Woodpecker.

Spotted Redshank was in handsome summer plumage.

Common tern.


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