21 April 2015


タイ人のコースメイトがケンブリッジに遊びに来ていたので、St. Ivesまでバスで出かけてきた。もちろんコーンウォールではなくてケンブリッジのSt.Ivesだ。

My stay here has been really coinciding with many wonderful events. Last Wednesday, there was a book launch of my professor, Martin Salisbury's new book called "100 Great Children's Picture Books."  And my Thai friend from the course was traveling in the UK for a few weeks and came to Cambridge for three days, too!   So we visited St. Ives.

We walked on the field along the Great Ouse and in the wood where some lesser celandines were in bloom and had an ice cream.  What a lovely day it was!

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