17 July 2015

Northumberland Coast Path

The third day in Northumberland was very windy. The weather forecast said that it was going to be around 40 mph during the lunch hours and the boats to the islands did not run.
But it was really a sunny day! We took a bus down to Craster and walked along the coast up to Seahouses. It was about ten mile walk.

Walking toward Dunstanburgh Castle.  


It was great that we could stop anywhere, anytime. We had plenty of time. It wouldn't get dark way after nine.  
The yellow flower is cowslip, so I was told by a hiker.  So this is the plant which Cowslip, the head rabbit of a warren in Watership Down, was named after!  

途中にあるLong Nanny保護区はキョクアジサシとコアジサシのコロニーで有名で、イギリス本土にある最も大きなコロニーだという。ナショナル・トラストでは5人体制で24時間、捕食者や潮による巣が水没を避けるために監視しているという。
I found a good article about how National Trust protects the colony of terns here!

Eiders were at the sea. I was looking at one cute eider duckling when it was snatched by a herring gull! It was very shocking but well, that's the nature.

Since we spent long time sitting here and there, watching birds, it was in the evening when we finally reached to Seahoues.  Fish and Chips was a nice treat.  

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