14 September 2015


I got another opportunity to join the seabird research in Sagami Bay. It was their first time to organise a boat trip in September so no one really knew what to expect.
For the first two hours, we saw nothing particular.  Only occasionally streaked shearwaters flew passed. Sea was calm and it was hot.



銀貨海月(Blue Button)
Then we found these mysterious blue buttons floating on the sea surface. 
We were at a current rip.

Soon someone spotted red-necked phalaropes.  Three of them.
We started to see more streaked shearwaters.

As we cruised a little further, something big was floating.  It got white head and dark back.  It wasn't a gull.  Much much bigger.

An Albatross!  It was indeed a Laysan Albatross.
It didn't fly away when we got nearer.  It even came to the boat and swam around it to greet us.  It was so close that I could have touched it.  



天神島のトビ(Black Kite)
It's one of the commonest birds around here but the word "kite" sounds special after living in Britain where kite is still rather rare.


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