4 March 2016

Rice Field in Bali

My cousin had a wedding in Bali so I visited the island to attend it as well as to do some sightseeing and birdwatching a few days before and after.  Since the flight ticket costs the most, there was no way I was going there just to see the posh resort!  I spent nine days on the island. 

We had one of the best time walking along the rice field, north of Ubud.
Javan Pond Herons, Cattle Egrets, Little Egrets and Intermediate Egrets were following after men plowing the field.  And we had a clear view of the mountains.  The famous Mt. Agung was further to the right but was also visible.

There were several artists who have studios along this walk!  Balinese art is very interesting although it is a bit too stylised and every artist seems to be following a "how to draw" guide.
I coloured my field sketch with the feels of Bali style!  I am hoping to try some more.  

Javan Munia at the rice field.(コシグロキンパラ)

Asian Glossy Starling.(ミドリカラスモドキ)

Rice terrace at Tegallalang. 
バリでは午前中に熱せられて上昇した水蒸気が、昼時になると、空が抱えきれなくなったかのように、スコールとなって降ってくるようだった。この日も棚田を眺めながらのランチは、 見事な雨のカーテン越しの光景。それはそれで雰囲気満点だった。


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