7 March 2016

Sound of Gamelan

Balinese have a big festival to welcome their ancestral spirits called Galungan every 210 days. This year it started on the 10th February and its end day, Kuningan, was on the 20th. It unfortunately meant that we had just missed it by a few days. But its special decoration, Penjor, tall arching bamboo poles with offerings suspended at the end, was still up on the streets.

Penjors were all very unique and some had egrets along the pole and some had a pheasant looking structure at the bottom.

Every house had many hanging bamboo decorations, too.

While staying in Ubud, we went to Pejeng...by bicycle!  Pejeng is only about four kilometres east of Ubud. But there were three big streams in between. In Bali, streams run at the bottom of gorges so we had to go down and up for many times. If you go north, it means you go uphill all the time and go south means downhill all the time and go east or west means go up and down and up and down!


My family practicing gamelan!  


Wayang kulit

Kecak is now a big touristic attraction but its history is not long, developed in the 1930s by Walter Spies.


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