24 March 2016

Taman Nasional Bali Barat 2

A little belated but more and more birds from Taman Nasional Bali Barat.

The guide took me to a place where the Savannah Nightjar were asleep under the bush. It's the best kind of thing for sketching!

It was very hot and I was sweating all over as I stood in the sun.   Birds were sitting where trees cast shadow and making interesting pattern on the ground.
I wish I could afford to spend half a day there with nice watercolour set!  

The bird woke up when two goats came too close to them.  They flew for a few metres showing white patches on their wings!  


Crested Serpent Eagle sitting on a tree by the road.  



We saw another Indonesian endemic bird, Javan Plover.  

Small Blue or Cerulean Kingfisher(ヒメアオカワセミ)

My fourth species of Kingfisher in Bali, Sacred Kingfisher.

Sunda Duck, another Indonesia's endemic species.  It's got dark green and white flashes on its wings and male's head is in a funny shape.  

And this is finally the end of my Bali sketchbook.  I must visit some other islands in Indonesia and feel the biological transition from South East Asia to Australia...someday!  

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