23 June 2018


Only a few metres away from my place, there is a small but a nice woodland.  So even when I can not go somewhere special, I can still enjoy nature and sketching. 

One day after lunch, I went there with my sketchbook to draw this white flower.  I tried painting with watercolour but unsatisfied with the result.  White flowers are always very difficult to paint.  And I found myself not being able to resist trying in printmaking.   I'm truly in love with the media!  

The third orange layer itself was a rather nice piece of work!  

And the forth green layer, too. 





Sunset on a midsummer day. Since I knew that the colour would only stay pink for a blink of an eye, I grabbed a sketchbook and painted straight away. I wish I used better paper for watercolour but the fact that I painted it is more important than the result, I suppose.

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