28 February 2012

Spring Tide

Everything is coming to the end. That means I am at the start line of the next stage of my life, which seems to be folded in mist. I still have quite a long list of things to do but the blank plan for the future makes me feel restless.
Although it is very exciting as well... I always had lots of things to do, the place to be, the way to follow one after another but I am free at least for now!

A story idea about the spring tide day that I had started to work after the hand in day in January. We won't have tutors to show the project regularly or to ask for comments anymore and it will be tough to keep the motivation to work. It is very scary!

When the mud flat was completely covered by the tidal water, the flock of the Oystercatchers took off in the air.


  1. thats what i feel now as well!
    uncertain future... but however, all the difficult things will make us more strong. And you deserve a success! Best wish to you :)

  2. i feel exactly the same! a little bit scared and a little bit free!

  3. ヤマセミ28/2/12 08:55


  4. Hi Yiting and Harriet,
    Everybody is feeling the same I suppose.
    We just have to wait and see what will happen...and hopefully something will happen!

  5. ヒヨ吉1/3/12 12:44


  6. We won't have the tutors anymore, but we still have each other. Some kind of regular critique should be set up amongst our classmates, especially you guys still in the same city. I'm sure the pressure to have something to show on a weekly or monthly basis would be motivational.
    Also, the new work is looking great, as always! Love the colors and textures.

  7. ヒヨ吉さん、
    Hi Zack,
    Yes, we will share our works and exchange our feed backs! I've been using Ruchi's acrylic white:)