25 June 2011


I feel scary because I'm having too much fun!
I I picked up the black and white feather in North Berwick and wondered if it could be one of Gannet's.

18 June 2011

New Vocabulary

One by one, I'm learning new words, such as staggered junction, bouncy castle and slug.

Slug foot-race

12 June 2011

Scencic Tour

A family in Bonn kindly took as around to several scenic places!

German vineyard
I visited three families in Germany and everybody was drinking wine...I thought Germany is a beer country.


A view from Petersberg, Koenigswinter

11 June 2011




きびだんご いらんかね?


◇◆◇日本ワイルドライフアート協会展 -日本の野生画の世界-◇◆◇
日時:2011年6月10日(金)−6月16日(木) *12日(日)休館 
   11:00-18:00 (最終日-14:00)
場所:山脇ギャラリー 山脇美術専門学院 (市ヶ谷駅より徒歩1分)

10 June 2011


Last Sunday, I was very lucky to get a chance to join the RSPB local group's field trip. And even more luckily we saw Dartford Warblers in a heathland. It came into my view through the telescope while I was sketching the Stonechat on the post. One of the members told me that in the June issue of Birdwatching magazine, there was an article saying "Find the Stonechat, find the Dartford Warbler."

Magazine article discuss if the Stonechat likes the Dartford Warbler or the other way round. According to the study in Spain in winter by Zamora et al (1992), it is Dartford Warblers that are following a Stonechat and they change foraging technique, feeding more on the ground than in the shrub when they are with a Stonechat. They assumed that Dartford Warblers can feed safely on the ground because the Stonechat keeps attention to the predators from the post.

Anyway, this was the very first time that I found an article I wanted to read in Anglia Ruskin's e-journals!

The adult was feeding the young.
Some of the heathers' flowers already had purple flowers and they were beautiful in the stark scenery. I would love to come here when the whole area turns purple!

Trials of using dip pen and inks...I mixed the colors of the inks like Karin does!

6 June 2011


Gare de Colmar

There were many street stands half red and half white, strawberries, asparagus and nothing else. It was the season for the two. But what a combination!
MC bought strawberry and cherry and...mixed them together so it was kind of messy...but they were delicious and I think had almost 70 percent of them:)

Long long train journey from Freiburg to Bonn.

The train ran along the river Rheim. Next time I would like travel along the river on a cargo ship.

5 June 2011



Requewihr, a little village near Colmar. The Japanese lady with us was just like Camille in Monet's painting.