21 September 2012

水鶏堂Paper Bird アオバト





19 September 2012

Inks and colour paper

I had been using the left over inks that I brought back from printmaking room before I graduated but now they are almost over and also getting dry. So I finally got a few colours on my own the other day, telling myself that I won't buy anything else this week! They are quite expensive!
The inks I got are water soluble ones. Although they are not as strong as the oil-based, real printmaking inks, I found them very easy to handle especially since I work in my room with butter knives and a cutting board. Now I am happily printing!

But I really miss the selection of colour paper in Japan. Even art shops in London don't have much variety in type nor colour!

17 September 2012

September, the beginning of a new season

After the course I had not been able to start a new project for ages. Maybe I needed a little push. Perhaps I was still in a holiday mood.
The summer is now over and the light and the air of September sometimes reminds me of the first time I saw these scenery in Cambridge. I feel so strange to notice that I am not going back to school this time. But I shall start making a new story!

4 September 2012

In Love with Gannets

Gannet is certainly one of my favorite birds in UK! I will never get tired of drawing them.

Because of the wind, there was one point at the edge of the cliff where Gannets always soared still for a few seconds with the same posture. I tried to practice drawing flying birds.


a gannet

and more gannets!

2 September 2012


From my recent sketchbooks. The 15th A5 sketch book in Britain is over...I need to get another one!

Grey Seal (ハイイロアザラシ)

At the Blakeney Point.

Grey plovers (ダイゼン)

Green sandpiper (クサシギ)