30 May 2011


Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle
This castle reminded me of the LEGO castles. Because it is a castle of the Middle Ages with draw bridge and towers and LEGO castles are what I know as castles in Europe!


Over the River Rhein

A German family kindly invited us for dinner, so we crossed the river Rhein and went into Germany. It was just 20 minutes ride from town to town...how easy it was to cross the border!


Now, it is France over there.
Border is just a line on the map that people decided to draw.

I love these timber framed houses!

29 May 2011

Candy town

On that night, I was in Colmar, France, passing through Luxemburg. All the houses in the town were colorful and cute just like candy houses.

Petite Venice
To my surprise, I learned that Colmar was where the Sophie's town in Howl's Moving Castle by Hayao Miyazaki was modeled after.

スタジオジブリのスタッフは、この町でしばらく取材をしたという。ファンタジーであってもイメージの元となる場所やものの"first-hand observation" が大切、というチューターの言葉を思い出した。

What I really wanted to draw was the lanterns but nothing else...

From the morning till evening, I could hear Swifts shrilling above the sky.

We had a French breakfast at a cafe by the church. This is what I wouldn't experience if I was just a student traveler. I had to grin remembering the expensive tiny little cup of hot chocolate in Paris. Thank you MC and Jane!

28 May 2011


The very next day after the hand in, I was eating Brezel sitting at Koblenz Hfb in Germany with my American host grandmother and her friend. I myself didn't know what happened.

17 May 2011

Snow Forest

Winter is over and summer has come!


8 May 2011


"All kinds of owls, it's amazing! Bring a sketchbook!"
I got this information about the Raptor Foundation's booth in the town, so I went out, escaping from the 8000-word essay again.

I was surprised to hear that many small kids exclaimed "Look at that Barn Owl" but not just "owl".

Oh, I really don't know how I can finish that long essay in ten days...there are so many temptations and also things to do.
But thanks, Zack!