29 November 2011

Student life

December is just around the corner and we only have two more classes. And that is going to be the end of my student life.
My mother used to say that I should definitely go to university not because that it would give me enough knowledge nor a chance to get a nice job, but because the days I could spend as a university student would be the best time in my life. Now, I am really grateful that I could have one year and a half extra student life in England.

In the final stage of the MA course, we are far too busy and stressed with works to enjoy the rest of the days. The end always comes too quickly.

20 November 2011


昨年のCOP10から関わらせていただいている「想いでつなごう おりがみプロジェクト」の冊子が先月できあがった。

The booklet for the COP10 Let's Origami Project, which I was working on this spring, has finally printed.

14 November 2011

It's supper time!

I started to work on the other project as well. The idea is from my Japanese friend and it is a very simple baby story about feeding birds.

I wanted to try in different media but my professor said that I should develop my lino world. So I am still carving and carving!

12 November 2011

Poppy Day

There were two minutes of silence in the printmaking room yesterday and I learned that it was the Remembrence Day. And that was the reason why a lot of people were waring a poppy flower badge. It reminded me of the August before I came here. I was researching in the middle of a paddy field or a wheat field on the atomic-bomb day in Saitama prefecture and there was an announcement from the speakers in the town asking people for a minute of silence. In Japan, November the 11th is just the day for Pocky...

A sketch of Poppy flowers from this summer. I wanted to sit in a poppy field but I missed the opportunity...

8 November 2011

Kruk! Kruk!

This Thursday we will have a middle crit. That means the final project is supposed to be half way done...time really flew.

And making a page takes so long. Every time I print something, I have something wrong. So I feel like reprinting the same images again and again and do not have any progress. I wish I could have longer and weekend open access to the printmaking studio!

7 November 2011



My mini monoprint of acorns from the leftover ink.

It was supposed to be a Barn Owl.
I found it very fun to play around with printmaking process. But I have to think that I will not be able to use that uni studio with press and everything after I graduate. So I started to try mini printmaking at home with a cutting board and butter knives. I might buy a nice roller...should I or should I not...?