Illustrations for personal projects.

◆ "Little Brown" A story of a family of moorhen. (2012)


◆ "Snow in Summer" A story created from the memory of landing on the Bass Rock. (2013)


◆ "It's Supper Time!" A board book idea. (2012)

◆ Illustrations inspired by "Tom's Midnight Garden" by Philippa Pearce. (2012)


◆ Illustrations for "The Stork" by Hans Christian Andersen. (2011)


◆ "Snow Forest" A little adventure in a winter forest. (2011)


◆ Birds in Alaska. (2010)


◆ Cover illustration image for a children's book about wildcat restaurant by Kenji Miyazawa. (2013)

◆ Other illustrations.

Yakushima Macaque
Lino print and pencil on top (2013)
Koala Wedding
Stencil, pencil and pen and ink (2013)