28 February 2012

Spring Tide

Everything is coming to the end. That means I am at the start line of the next stage of my life, which seems to be folded in mist. I still have quite a long list of things to do but the blank plan for the future makes me feel restless.
Although it is very exciting as well... I always had lots of things to do, the place to be, the way to follow one after another but I am free at least for now!

A story idea about the spring tide day that I had started to work after the hand in day in January. We won't have tutors to show the project regularly or to ask for comments anymore and it will be tough to keep the motivation to work. It is very scary!

When the mud flat was completely covered by the tidal water, the flock of the Oystercatchers took off in the air.

17 February 2012

Thank you for coming!

Thank you very much for coming to our graduation exhibition! I was delighted to see the gallery so packed on the private view night and the family & friends day.

Last Sunday I walked along the lake in the St. James's Park, watching Moorhens skating on the ice. My Little Brown story has already finished for now and I need to start making something other than moorhen! Everything has gone so quickly...

Thank you for your lovely comments.

◇◆◇ MA Children's Book Illustration Exhibition ◇◆◇
The small version of our graduation exhibition will be held at our university from the end of February. If you are in Cambridge, please drop in at the gallery to have a little look!

Date: 29th-15th March 2012 (Mon - Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm)
Place: Ruskin Gallery. Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1PT

14 February 2012


Yesterday, I went out for birdwatching. We walked in the woods. Snow still remained on the ground, adding extra light to the scenery.

And my birdwatcher friend found a Woodcock sitting along the stream! It stayed still long enough for me to sketch. Flowing streams and rivers are precious unfrozen water for birds in this cold weather.

11 February 2012

Final Exhibition

Our graduation exhibition has already started. I could not imagine how it would be until the very day we hanged it up. But it turned out to be very nice and I am so proud of it! All my coursemates works are amazing and each of us has unique style, which, I think, is incredible.

My little corner.

Almost everything was decided on the spot...

Beginning of the private view on Thursday.

We have been working so hard for this exhibition and now it is set up... I still can not believe it.

5 February 2012

Bright Night

Yes! It is snowing and started to pile up! This is the first proper snow this winter.
When everything is covered with snow, it's bright outside even at night time.

I wish I could walk to Grantchester or somewhere tomorrow morning...but our graduation exhibition will start in a few days!

1 February 2012

Stone Curlew

Stone Curlew is one of my favorite birds in England.
I learned that its population once declined down to 150-160 pairs in England. But due to careful protection collaborating with farmers, the number started to increase and recently nearly 400 pairs were recorded. It is still rare and difficult to see but my birdwatcher friend kindly took me to the secret place in early autumn to see them!

I heard an interesting story about how they have protected the birds when some pairs nested in the farm, such as onion and sugar beet field. They replace or remove the eggs while farmers spray crops with pesticides or operate heavy machine in the field so that the actual eggs will not get affected! Adult birds do not seem to care and return to their nest for incubation afterward.

I wish I could join this kind of conservation project, research about it and write a story about it! This could be a nice nature story book for children.