31 May 2020

Where did May go?

May had passed while I did nothing but work.  Corona or not, I haven't been out for months and sitting at my desk all day long except the time feeding my little one, bathing her and putting her to bed. 


My husband has been looking for good ways to enjoy nature while staying home. There has been several things that he brought home and found from home that I would have loved to draw if time permitted. This is only one I did.   
In the evening of the 24th May, the very thin moon, Venus and Mercury were so close to each other. And the Venus was in crescent shape.

At least, I managed to submit one set of illustration work that I had been working for months.  Here is the sneak view of it before applying the final layers.   

Must continue working on the next project now.  

6 May 2020

Drawing a creature

The first week of May is holidays called Golden Week in Japan. It is the best season to enjoy nature and I normally travel to sketch birds and plants in the field.  But this year, of course, because of the Corona Virus, it was not possible.
But I am very lucky to have this interesting creature to observe and sketch all the time. 


I can not believe that this moment had come when my own child carries this Narcissus Flycatcher rucksack and walks around. My mum and I made it probably in 2010 and this is the prototype. It's not easy to make one so we are not producing them anymore for now though.



It suddenly got really warmer in the last few days so I put her a T-shirt instead of a sweat shirt.  She looks so tiny without the plump clothes.   

Drawing with a stick in a park.