30 December 2011

My Christmas Tree

My friend from kindergarten came here to visit me for Christmas. We went to Borough Market in London on Christmas Eve, where I got my tree!

Brussels sprout
This year I spent Christmas with my classmates. We cooked together, decorated our house and invited our friends. I will remember this for ever.
Now, Christmas is over and I've started to eat my tree.

23 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

This must be a Christmas tree for Crossbills.
I made this Christmas card inspired by the Christmas Tree Game in The Sense of Wonder by Rachel Carson.


Have a happy Christmas!

21 December 2011

Peck, peck, peck!

Sometimes it is nice to have deadline. It makes me work with concentration and finish it.

I finally printed the chicken's feeding scene properly for my entry for the V&A Illustration Awards 2012.

And I curved this duck in one morning!

20 December 2011

Postcard to Japan

After our TAYORI exhibition, we got in contact with Mr. Katagiri who were organizing a similar project called "Postcards to Japan." I sent this postcard of Brent and it is now exhibited at an art space in Iwate Museum of Art.

会期:2011年12月18日(日)〜 2012年2月26日(日)
場所:岩手県立美術館 アートスペース

18 December 2011


"There is a time, between night and day, when landscapes sleep. Only the earliest riser sees that hour."
Tom's Midnight Garden by Philippan Pearce


13 December 2011

Little Brown

I finally came to the point to put up all my images into pages. My final project is a story about Little Brown, a Moorhen juvenile, who helps his parents for their second breeding.

Before the summer, I wouldn't imagine me working in such a graphic way. But now I feel linocut became my medum.

11 December 2011

after the crit

The last Thursday was the final critique and the last class. I feel really sad to face the fact that we are almost at the end of this MA course.
I am so glad that I came here. I've learned a lot from all the tutors, classmates and all the books that I saw in the studio. And more than that I had a great time during this course!
We still have a month for the submission and two months for the graduation exhibition. Everybody's works are amazing so I am very much looking forward to the show. It will be amazing! But at the same time, I know that is going to be the real end...
Let's not think about that and keep working hard!

I gave myself a day off and went to Saffron Walden yesterday. After concentrating on creating final images for a few months, it was nice to go back to observation drawing.

7 December 2011

Blackberry pattern

My ideas for the endpapers. It requires a lot of thinking to make textile design with the repetition of a pattern.
How about having a curtain or wrapping paper with these?

All afternoon and evening I was working in Photoshop using my friend's pen tablet, which was amazingly comfortable and friendly to my hands and fingers!
It became one of the things that I would love to buy once I get a book deal...I am just dreaming!

5 December 2011

Paper Bird

It's only a paper bird, hanging over a baby cot...

今年は18日に毎年恒例の行徳でカワウをカウントするイベントCCC(Christmas Cormorant Count)が開かれるようだ。面識のない後輩から「今年度のCCCに参加できるでしょうか」というメールをもらったときは、忘れずに誘ってくれたことがうれしかった反面、不参加と即答せざるを得ない寂しさがあった。
CCCのためにPaper Birdのカワウバージョンをデザインした。今日、無事に刷り上がったらしい。 CCCに参加される方、お楽しみに!

水鶏堂のPaper Bird
This is my new product series called "Paper Bird". It is a very simple bird mobile but I hope to show the different birds' flying formation. Someday I would love to make several bird species and make them into a craft book and/or a guide book of flying birds.

アオバト・モビール (Japanese Green Pigeon)