28 July 2020


It seems that my little one entered the terrible two stage.
Everything has to be done in her pace as she likes otherwise she just says no! no! no!

6月半ばくらいから、チビが突然、すごい癇癪を起こすようになった。疲れていたり、お腹がすいていたりするときに、何かちょっと気に入らないこと—髪ゴムを自分でとりたかったのに、わたしがとってしまったとか— があると、怒って泣いて、1時間くらい転げているのだ。どうやら恐怖のイヤイヤ期突入らしい。

She throughs such a big tantrum and when it starts nothing can calm her down.  So every time it starts, we had to shut all the windows, put the air conditioner and wait quietly just watching and being beside her.
I tried to be very careful not to bring her to that stage, which was very tiring.  I was pretty stressed thinking how long does this stage last?

But after a fortnight or so, she's gradually getting over that huge tantrum stage. Thanks goodness! 

Peeling the corn with her great grandma.  
従姉妹家からのお裾分けでもらったトウモロコシの皮をひいばあとむく。 蒸して食べたら甘いこと甘いこと。でもチビは食べづらいらしくあまり好きではなかったよう。 わたしはチビが食べないなら全部食べちゃうぞーっと密かに思っていたのだが、ひいばあとしては、チビが食べないのは嫌だったらしく、玉ねぎと炒めてブレンダーをかけておいしいスープにしてくれた。チビ、大喜びでおかわり。

A small party at home with my family.  My husband decorated the Somen noodle dish with star shaped cucumbers and so on but the little one dug in to it straight away. Well, that's one-year-old kid for you!

Little one in the turquoise blue dress made by my dearest friend.



一歳違いのはとこに会った。大きな子で、なんと身長も体重もほぼ同じくらい! でもほぼ1歳とほぼ2歳の違いは大きいなあ。

26 July 2020


The combination of the Cornavirus situation and the rain season and having the little one, doesn't make it any easier to go birdwatching, let alone sketching in the field. But during this special long weekend supposedly for the Olympic, we visited Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park for a few hours and I managed to sketch some birds with a telescope. I made only those three acceptable sketches but it felt like such an achievement.  

Little Grebe Family.  


The autumn migration is starting and we spotted some Grey-tailed Tattlers.  


15 July 2020


Now I finished two of the illustration works, I went back to my bird story projects that I've been working on for some years.  
When the story board is almost set, the next thing I do is to find the media to illustrate it.  I do not like to decide on a certain technique or media as my style to tackle all kinds of stories. Because I think each story has its own taste that matches a certain technique.

This type of gourd flowers at night. 
When I tried carving a new material made of plastic, I realised that the block is very good to draw thin lines in white.  So I had to print this magical flower with it.  


I am also doing some field research on another project.  I was looking at plants in ponds and in one of them, I found this ducklings.  


29 June 2020


Recently, I've been thinking about what "mother" is.

My little one developed her own will and these days she almost always insists that mummy has to change her nappy or unclothe her or pour milk for her.   When her daddy or her grandma try to do such things, she throws a tantrum.  Until now, everyone did those things, quite often more than me.  She didn't mind.
When and how does she get so attached to mummy?  
What's so good about mummy?  

Also, some time ago, I received sad news that my friend's mum had passed away. 
I would often call on to her place and have a little chat with her mum at the front door until my friend came out.  There were occasions when I stayed at their place and when I joined her family visiting a museum.  So her mum was one of the most well-acquainted friend's mums to me.  And she was indeed a real motherly mother.   
And her mum was the first person to pass away, who I knew as a "mother" as a role.   
So it was quite shocking news to me.  
I was blindly feeling that "mother" will be there all the time and I can talk to her and ask her whatever if I need to.

And all those things made me feel nervous. 

Regardless of how good a mother I am, my little one thinks that I am her mummy and she should be feeling that I will be there all the time and she can ask whatever when she needs to.   

16 June 2020




I finally made something that I've wanted since April.  She is in a box, which rubber stamp blocks came in.  So I made her image with that rubber stamp. 

Harvest from our friend's house.
Painted and drew on top. It's nice to draw something that I don't need to care about the details. It frees me up.


Spotted bellflower.   
ゆっくり歩いていたせいか、一瞬だったけど道路を横切るイタチを見た! 明るい茶色で、しっぽが長く体が細くて、タイワンリスかそれより小さいくらいのサイズと言ったら、イタチのほかにあり得ない気がする。レンジャーによれば、自動カメラに写ることはあるけれど、実際に見たという人は少ないらしい。


My little one making a phone call with my alarm clock. 
遠い親戚からお下がりでいただいたかわいい服を着せたら、夫が「こんな子知らないよ」って言うくらいおねーさんにみえる。 スマホを持っているのは、うちでは夫だけなのに、ちゃんとまねっこ。うん、うん、という口調まで。

These days, she just wants to do whatever adults do.  So it's getting even harder to sketch her. 
I tried to draw her on the ground while letting her sit on the panda. At least I get practice...and look, now she is already doing what I was doing!

31 May 2020

Where did May go?

May had passed while I did nothing but work.  Corona or not, I haven't been out for months and sitting at my desk all day long except the time feeding my little one, bathing her and putting her to bed. 


My husband has been looking for good ways to enjoy nature while staying home. There has been several things that he brought home and found from home that I would have loved to draw if time permitted. This is only one I did.   
In the evening of the 24th May, the very thin moon, Venus and Mercury were so close to each other. And the Venus was in crescent shape.

At least, I managed to submit one set of illustration work that I had been working for months.  Here is the sneak view of it before applying the final layers.   

Must continue working on the next project now.  

6 May 2020

Drawing a creature

The first week of May is holidays called Golden Week in Japan. It is the best season to enjoy nature and I normally travel to sketch birds and plants in the field.  But this year, of course, because of the Corona Virus, it was not possible.
But I am very lucky to have this interesting creature to observe and sketch all the time. 


I can not believe that this moment had come when my own child carries this Narcissus Flycatcher rucksack and walks around. My mum and I made it probably in 2010 and this is the prototype. It's not easy to make one so we are not producing them anymore for now though.



It suddenly got really warmer in the last few days so I put her a T-shirt instead of a sweat shirt.  She looks so tiny without the plump clothes.   

Drawing with a stick in a park.  

23 April 2020




These days, she loves the wooden train toy.  She's got two box full of them, which were half mine and half my cousins'.  She can join some rails. 

My friend gave her a set of crayon made of vegetables last year for her half birthday.  She put them straight into her mouth back then so I had to hide them for some time.  But now she can draw very nice lines. 

In front of her new beautiful bookshelf.  

We went to a secret place near my place to enjoy the Sakura blossom back in the end of March.  I wanted to draw her in front of Sakura trees but I didn't manage to draw neither her nor Sakura nicely.  And she turned out pretty big compared to the tree, which then reminded me of Henri Rousseau's "To Celebrate the Babay." 




こんな時期ながら、『さくらがさくと』の原画は、弘明寺の子どもの本& クーベルチップでも、西宮のギャラリーアライの「花咲く頃展」でも展示させていただき、無事に終了した。見にいらしてくださったみなさま、本当にありがとうございました。



3 April 2020


There are now new series of the "towels to help the protection of local nature" for Okinawa.

Okinawa Woodpecker (left) and Okinawa Rail (right).



29 March 2020


Cherry trees are blooming and swallows are flying but it snowed today. 
It was our first proper snow this winter.
I feel that the world is changing, the virus and climate...