26 June 2009


If I had a house with a garden, I would plant this Chinese trumpet vine. Along the road to my high school, there were many houses that had this vine. I would often pick up fallen flowers on the road and float them in a bowl of water.

25 June 2009

Meadow Bunting

ホオジロ(Meadow Bunting)
In summer, only a few birds can be seen and heard in lowland forests. Because most birds breed in mountains and even those that remain there don't sing during late breeding season.
During the monthly birdwatching event in June, the forest was really quiet with occasional Taiwan spuirrels' squeaks. The summer was just around the corner.
In the silent forest, Meadow Bunting alone was singing at the top of a cherry tree. He was the star of that day.

19 June 2009






10 June 2009


These days, I spend most of my time in and around the university. When I'm home, I don't want to go to school but once I go there, it is also a pain in the neck going back home.

One thing that had bothered me about being in university was that I could not do any of my art works.
So I took a palette and some brushs of water color to the school and bought a new sketchbook. Now, I can draw pictures at my desk in the university, too!

ヤマザクラ(Prunus jamasakura)

クマシデ(Carpinus japonica)

9 June 2009


7日はバードソンだった。Birdwatching + marathon = Birdathon。毎年行われる、この学生バードソンは、12時間のうちに何種類の鳥を見聞きできるかをチームごとに競うイベントだ。


3 June 2009

Life List

Hoopoe (ヤツガシラ)

Hoopoe was my 250th "Lifer bird" in Japan; a "new bird" for me. Bird watchers love to compile a life list, which is a list of all the birds species they saw in their lifetime. Someone told me that a person with more than 300 Japanese bird's life list is a real crazy birder.

I don't want to chase very uncommon visitors to Tokyo just to add one more to my list. I'd rather visit their nomal habitat myself. That's what I'm usually thinking...but actually, I went to a park in Tokyo to see this Hoopoe right after I got the information!

It seems that this life list habit is unique to birders when I look around other naturalists. I've met no botanist nor animal watchers talking about their life list. Maybe birds are just about good number of species to count life list, not too few like mammals, not too many like plants or insects.