13 June 2015

Reduction Lino puffins

I know that this week was one of the last few free days in Cambridge for me but I decided to go antisocial and stay at my room to work. All the artists have this phase, I suppose. And this is what I came up with!

Puffins from Farne Islands in reduction linocut. Limited edition of 10!


Reduction linocut really requires you to plan ahead about layers and colours but once you start it, no going back.

12 June 2015


Yesterday, my landlady came into my room and handed me this poor bumblebee dead on the driveway. "I thought you might like it," she said.
She knows me too well!   And I feel very lucky to be living here. You could easily be kicked out of a house when found to have strange collections like insects and feathers and a skull of a vole (which I cleaned using a drop of her bleach).

Buff-tailed bumblebee.(セイヨウオオマルハナバチ)

11 June 2015

Northumberland Coast

I went up to Northumberland for a few days, seeking for more seabirds!  
The main purpose of the trip was to visit the Farne Islands and we did go on the Inner Farne in spite of the extreme wind condition we had up there.  One day, it was 40 mph and, of course, the boat didn't run that day.  

While waiting for the boat time, I sketched Bamourgh Castle from the sand dune north of Seahouses. Oilseed rapes were still in bloom up in north.


I did a lot of sketches of puffins, eiders and arctic terns but I accidentally send the sketchbook back to Japan.  Very stupid of me!  So you have to wait for a few more weeks before I put them up here.

10 June 2015

Field of buttercups

Sit in a field of buttercups and enjoy the moment is one of the best things to do at this time of the year in Britain.  

Whenever I have a visiter in Cambridge, I always take him or her to Grantchester.  The walk can really tell you what I love about England.  

 And this time, I finally visited Hampstead Heath, too.  I had been wanting to visit there because of the paintings by Constable, Turner and other famous painters.  A Japanese writer, Soseki Natsume, is said to have often walked in the park when he was in London in early 20th century.  

I could see the top of the Gherkin from there.

While I was in London, I visited the Ravilious exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery with my friends. It was really inspiring!  The show was mostly about his watercolour works.  But I though I could tell that he was sort of thinking in a printmaker's way.  He applies colours as layers.  And the use of hatching in watercolour really makes his works unique.  I secretly tried watercolour hatching in the sketch above...I need to practice a lot to get neat parallel lines.