31 March 2009


Of course, I watched birds in Viet Nam too. We went to Cuc Phuong national park, which is three hours drive from Hanoi. We didn't have neither a guide nor a vietnamese birds guidebook. But Thai birds' book was really useful.

Black-creasted Bulbul(エボシヒヨドリ)
One of the most common birds in Cuc Phuong. We kept saying that "No more Black-crested Bulbul nor Red-whiskered Bulbul!" Because there were so many of them. But once back in Japan, I want to see them again...

Viet Nam

This time I made a short trip to Viet Nam from Thailand. At first I was planning to go to Cambodia but I changed my mind because my Thai friend asked me to go to Hanoi together with zero baht ticket by Air Asia. I shold go when I have a chance!

Fruits in condensed milk with clashed ice. Somehow every chair and table of street stands in Hanoi was really low. "They probably made two chairs out of the same amount of plastic to make one nomal sized one" my mother said...

28 March 2009


Black-capped Kingfisher
We went to Chatuchak market and watched birds in the adjacent Chatuchak park also. When I was watching a Coppersmith Barbet(ムネアカゴシキドリ), a guy told me that Queen Sirikit Park across the street is much better. He was true. Although we didn't have enough time to walk around the whole area, we saw almost all the birds we had expected to see in Bangkok city, such as Indian Roller(インドブッポウソウ), Common Koel(オニカッコウ), Asian Pied Starling(ホオジロムクドリ) and this Black-capped Kingfisher. This park seems to have good botanical garden so next time I need to try that. (My mother said that we went there already with my father but I don't remember)

25 March 2009



23 March 2009


I had learned about agroforestry in several classes in university. Agroforestry is a sustainable landmanagement system by combining forestry and farming or animal husbandry on the same unit of land.
This time, I had a chance to visit the Trat Agroforestry Research Station. The assistant chief of the station kindly explained to me a lot about his research.

By combining trees and crops, we can except synergetic effect of good harvest and good environment because trees keep soil, water and microclimate. But if trees and crops compete each other for water, nutrition and sunlight, it won't work well. So far, Rubber and banana, Coconut and coffee, Teak and corn etc are good combination he said. On the way back to Chantha Buri, I found the rubber forest with banana trees in-between from the car window.

16 March 2009

Khung Kraben

My father took me to Khung Kraben, a tombolo at the east part of Thailand some 60 kilometres from Cambodian border! We walked along the wooden deck in mangrove forest. It was really a nice place with full of information about mangrove although all of them are in Thai. I took pictures of some boards, so I need to ask him to translate.
I saw Collared Kingfisher and Green Bee-eater there.

2 March 2009




□■□ 宣伝 □■□
第55回 国公立展
会期:3月10日(火)~15日(日) 10:00~18:00 (ただし初日は14時~/最終日は~17時)