29 August 2012

Heather moorland

My Japanese friends came to visit me and we traveled up to Yorkshire moors together. Heather was in full bloom.

Ilkley Moor
We wandered around the moor for hours.

"it’s just miles and miles and miles of wild land that nothing grows on but heather and gorse and broom, and nothing lives on but wild ponies and sheep.”
“I feel as if it might be the sea, if there were water on it,” said Mary.
from The Secret Garden

ハワースから「嵐が丘」の館が建つ場所だとされるTop Withens へも雨と濃い霧の中、ムーアをハイキングしてきた。一瞬、霧が晴れたけれど、スゲの荒野の他は何もない。キャシーとヒースクリフの亡霊がさまよっていると言われれば納得する景色だ。廃墟は羊たちが我が物顔にしていた。

カラフトライチョウのイギリス産亜種であるRed Grouseがたくさんいた。
We often scared red grouses and were surprised by them flying off suddenly.

Keighley steam engine train station to Worth valley. It looked exactly what you would imagine as a railway station in literature!

22 August 2012

Fork in the road

Nothing lasts forever. And sometimes we say goodbye at the fork in the road. Because we choose to walk on the way that each of us wants to be. But you never know, the roads may cross each other again sometime.

17 August 2012


These days I wonder what I was doing last week. Time flies without me noticing it!

My friend's cat had babies and we were kitten-sitting for a few days.

They grow so quickly. When we first met them, they were in a box and didn't move much. But now they are all running around in the house.

They learn and grow so much in a day. A day must be really long for them.

13 August 2012

Stamping hawthorn bush

I had been making prints for the last few days. It took so much time and effort but I felt fulfilling.

Yellowhammer singing on a hawthorn bush, a memory of a summer day.

I struggled to make this hawthorn bush with stamps even though I used the same technique with the blackberry bush in Little Brown story. Because while bramble leaves grow in a kind of two dimensional way, a set of hawthorn leaves forms three dimensional structure.

2 August 2012

Athene noctua

I want to ask Little Owl, living in a fallen tree, for words of wisdom on my life. He is supposed to be a descendant of Athena's owl.

1 August 2012



I started to post articles with some photos or illustrations on birds and birdwatching in Britain to YBIRD travel agency's Facebook page. (I am sorry about that texts will be all in Japanese...) For the first one, I picked blackbird singing in our garden thinking about Paul McCartney, who closed the Olympic opening ceremoney.

And...I have to admit that spent whole evening and a bit of morning making this silly button!