Posters & Leaflets

Some of the posters and leaflets I've designed and illustrated.

◆ ワイバード通信

The YBIRD travel agency's brochure. I made the cover illustration as well as designing the inside pages.

◆ 個展「風景の中の鳥たち」

DM for my solo exhibition at a nature reserve in Niigata. (2018).

◆ 「ひばりは どこに」

2014年、日本野鳥の会から出た小冊子「ひばりは どこに」の口絵3枚、中のカット2枚を描かせてもらった。
I illustrated three frontispieces for this leaflet about skylark published by Wild Bird Society of Japan (2014).

◆ 東郷まどかピアノリサイタルのちらし

Leaflet for Madoka Togo Piano Recital (2015).

◆ 東京農工大学国際シンポジウムのチラシ

Poster for a symposium on wildlife management at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology(2010).

◆ クイナ通り展 DM

DM for my first solo exhibition, "Kuina-dori ten" in 2009.