14 August 2013

Drawing day at Titchwell

On Sunday, three members from the Seabird Drawing Course, Daniel, Richard and I, got together and had a wader drawing day at Titchwell Marsh. We spent whole afternoon until the light had gone at the Parrinder Hide.

Lots of black-tailed godwits, daniel's favorite birds, were there! Some where still in beautiful summer plumage, some were already dull gray and quite a lot them were in between.

Black-tailed godwit. We all found it a little bit difficult to start getting the hang of sketching birds compared to the seabird drawing days in Scotland. Waders are not like gannets sitting in front of you. They were at binocular or scope distance and moved too fast! We also only had a day to get to know their shapes and movement. But we were so happy that we were there together and drawing!

A shoveler feeding with ruffs and a godwit.

A flock of golden plovers reminded me that it was already closer to mid-August, the start of migration season. I felt it was just a few days ago when I saw them with chicks in Scotland. But time is passing ever so quickly.

Lapwings, avocets and some more godwits.

Evening light was especially gorgeous. Lots of waders and gulls came back to the marsh and there were a lot going on as well.

It was nice to spend a long time at one place and concentrate on what could be seen from there, putting colour on location. And it was great to have artist companies! I must keep doing this from now on!

9 August 2013

Visiting Oxford

I visited Oxford a week ago. I had lovely time staying with my friend's relative's place and seeing my housemate from uni days.

It was the day when the Oxford Uni had graduation ceremony and I could see many students in the gown and the hat!

They looked really nice and I wished I attended my graduation ceremony last October. My friends and I held back to sign up to attend the ceremony because it cost so much and we completely forgot about it after all.

There were several Indian mothers in beautiful dress as well.

The view from Ashmolean Museum. I was so happy to find the gold coin from Lydia with lion and bull stamp in the museum because I was just reading about it in the book, A History of the World in 100 Objects.