20 March 2012


Lovely sunshine is coming through my window.
A sunny day in Cambridge just like in Italy.
Bologna Children's Book Fair started today and I am dreaming of Italia. I wonder what my Little Brown is doing over there.

Sketches of Venice from last year that I missed the chance to upload.
I always dream about living by the river or canal and going out by boat. Although now after hearing about the flood in Bangkok last October, I know that it is not always fancy and comes with danger of being flooded. But it is still amazing and exciting idea to live on the water.

Remember last year? We were by the Piazza San Marco doing nothing but sitting and sketching in the sun.


  1. ヤマセミ20/3/12 06:16

    『Doing nothing』の楽しみは、生涯忘れずにしたいと私自身思っていますよ(笑) でも、ヨーロッパの方は生まれながらにDNAの中にまで、その考え方が沁み込んでいるように感じたものです

  2. ヤマセミさん、