11 March 2012

Today, last year

A year has passed since the earthquake in Japan and I still do not know anything about it other than what I read and heard through media and from my friends. And I still haven't been able to do anything for that.
That morning, I opened my mail box and found everybody saying "I am safe and all right!" I thought there must had been something wrong then.
Soon I found out about the earthquake and that I could not contact my mother. But since I knew that I couldn't do anything from here, I went out to watch birds with my friend. I'm still glad I went out instead of staying at home and worrying too much but didn't imagine how big it was...

Oystercatchers ミヤコドリ
I visited Tollesbury again with RSPB Cambridge group yesterday. It was amazingly warm and even I, who have been freezing all the time since summer, felt hot after walking 8 km around the Tollesbury Wick Marshes. Spring is definitely coming.

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