12 July 2013

Birds in scenery

I've always wanted to draw birds in scenery rather than a detailed portrait of them. Maybe because I am more interested in nature as a whole and the interaction between species and the habitat. St. Abbs head is certainly a place to make such large scale paintings. And I just love the place so much!

When the sun shines on the rocks, the lichens gleam in yellow and orange and the sea turns to be in beautiful blue green. It is beautiful but it only happens for a moment when the sun is out.

Guillemots were all trying to sit on the tiny rock sticking out above the surface of the sea. The ones swimming tried to climb on and pushed those standing on the rock and the ones standing pecked them back into the sea.

This year, we were lucky enough to be able to go on to the Fidra, an island also in the Firth of Forth and owned by RSPB. I learned that Robert Louis Stevenson spent many childhood holidays on this island. It is said that he got inspiration for the Treasure Island here!

And Fidra has some breeding puffins!


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