5 May 2015

Bempton and Yorkshire race

I sketched something other than gannets, too, of course.

Guillemots and Razorbills were clinging on to the cliff.  I was freezing at the top of the cliff but they were out there, exposed in the chilly wind!

Puffin was a difficult one to find in the reserve. They were mostly on the sea or flying just above the sea surface. But occasionally I spotted one or two sitting on the cliff.

Another good bird to spot on the cliff was the peregrine. 

And it happened to be the day when the Tour de Yorkshire's inaugural race passed through Bempton and Buckton . I walked down to the village at noon to watch it.

Everyone was so excited and almost all the buildings on the street were decorated with blue and yellow buntings and bicycles as well as Yorkshire's flag with a white rose.  
When it started, though, the race passed in a minute.  Before I realised, it was gone.  

On the way back to the reserve, I found a corn bunting!


  1. ハヤブサをゆっくりスケッチできる環境を再び得られたこと、よかったですね!

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