10 June 2015

Field of buttercups

Sit in a field of buttercups and enjoy the moment is one of the best things to do at this time of the year in Britain.  

Whenever I have a visiter in Cambridge, I always take him or her to Grantchester.  The walk can really tell you what I love about England.  

 And this time, I finally visited Hampstead Heath, too.  I had been wanting to visit there because of the paintings by Constable, Turner and other famous painters.  A Japanese writer, Soseki Natsume, is said to have often walked in the park when he was in London in early 20th century.  

I could see the top of the Gherkin from there.

While I was in London, I visited the Ravilious exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery with my friends. It was really inspiring!  The show was mostly about his watercolour works.  But I though I could tell that he was sort of thinking in a printmaker's way.  He applies colours as layers.  And the use of hatching in watercolour really makes his works unique.  I secretly tried watercolour hatching in the sketch above...I need to practice a lot to get neat parallel lines.


  1. These are wonderful! Do you remember showing me your Adder sketches at Minsmere? I thought of our adder encounter when I watched Springwatch on the BBC. Those buttercups with cows are a delight and the cross-hatching is intriguing as a watercolour technique.

    1. Thanks for visiting here again!
      Yes, I watched the adder episode on Springwatch and thought of the day, too. It's incredible to trace the adder movements.