12 July 2015

Go Bass Rocking

The most special day during the special week was when we went on the Bass Rock, the island of thousands of gannets!  

I like puffin but my favorite is still gannet even though one pecked me as I climbed up to the chapel through their nests.  I walked too close to one nest.  It was my fault.  The chicks were already big white fluffs but they all looked tired in burning sunshine.  It was a very hot day and I got sunburn, too.  

When you are in a special place and you want to make most of it, it is difficult to try new things because you are afraid of making mistakes and having nothing to bring back.   
But I am happy that I tried this piece and it somewhat worked.  I painted the shadow first and drew gannets on top.  

One discussion made me think a lot during the course was that we are all on our artistic journey and in order to get somewhere we need to keep learning and experimenting and discovering.  We don't always have to make a good final piece when drawing/painting.  Bad sketch or painting as a result of trial or learning process is sometimes more important than a good one that is the same kind as you make before.
And having whole day sketching allows us to do a little bit of mess.  
I don't think I achieved much during the course in that respect, though. But the thoughts are in me and I can try from now on.

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