10 July 2015

Parliament of Puffins

The second day on the Seabird Drawing Course, I went on to Fidra, a RSPB's island on the Firth of Forth and I spent all my time watching puffins.

I found it very important for good sketches to spend enough time at one place. It is only after I take all in, what the birds are doing, how they move, the environment, the weather etc when I can finally start sketching something nice.

With two sand eel, one facing this way and the other opposite.

The right one had a sprat on its mouth.

On the 4th of July, after the drawing course, I visited the Island of May, too, thanks to my friend.
The sea was really choppy for crossing but it was worth while visiting that day because it turned out to be a bright evening.  

The sun was shining toward us so I tried to capture the light and the shadow, rather than the outline of the birds. I wished I had enough time to pull out my paint box.  


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