13 July 2015

Rock Pool Study

On the last day on the Seabird Drawing course, I went to tranquil Tyningham Bay. I was thinking of how to continue sketching and painting in the field back in Japan, where I have nothing like the seabird colonies that allow me to sit in front of almost steady birds and paint.

I wasn't very successful with that mission.  I did some scrabbles of eider families and curlews and cormorants in the distance as well as a landscape painting.  

But I was also tempted by the idea of rock pool study.  I head that John Busy loved Tyningham and its rock pools. 
I found a green crab, which seemed to be a shore crab. There were many periwinkles.    

The last evening, we had a temporary exhibition of the best works from the week.

It was just amazing to see what everyone achieved during the week.

Thank you so much, Darren, Greg, John and Kittie for helpful tutorials, Mark,  Chris and Duck Hotel for organising the course brilliantly, all the amazing participants for inspirations and last but not least John Busby for creating such a wonderful course.


  1. I have loved reading these posts! ... And seeing your wonderful observations, of course.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the articles! I wanted to remember every aspect of the course!