9 July 2015

Seabird Drawing Course 2015

I am sorry for being very quite here but I just came back to Japan with wonderful memories of three and a half months in Britain.
The best of all, if I must pick one, was the Seabird Drawing Course.  It was my third time to join it but it was as special, if not more, as before.

We were welcomed by this sign board made by Darren Woodhead at Duck hotel, Aberlady!  

This amazing week-long course in sketching seabirds in the field, based at East Lothian, was originally founded by John Busby in 1988.   Very sadly, he had passed away a few weeks before this year's course started and it had to be run without him.  But many people who have been tutoring or joining the course from the very early years said that the atmosphere and the sprit of the course haven't changed at all over the years.  And it was as great as the two years I joined in 2012 and 2013.
I was also glad to hear that John Busby's Seabird Drawing Course will continue running next year and after.      

The first day at Dunbar as usual and we were caught in a shower as usual.  But it was the only time we had spots of rain while drawing this year.  

Sketches in charcoal pencil.

First day, we all struggle.  Everyone tries to work in their comfort zone.  But what is great about this course is we have a week to loose up and try new things.  

Kittiwakes are nesting at these ruin of Dunbar castle. What a location to pick ones home!

Darren's talk on what we should think when we draw birds after dinner.


  1. I enjoyed this post ... and I love your Gannets! I'm so pleased that your time in the UK was so profitable. I really enjoyed meeting you (briefly!) with the adders at Minsmere. I have just returned from the west coast of Scotland, where (inspired perhaps by your example), I attempted a few quick sketches of scenes, a dovecote etc.

    1. Thanks, Caroline! I indeed enjoyed my stay in the UK.
      Reading your blog, I realised that you were at the Cley Marshes talk at the Norfolk Bird Fair. I was there, too! But I suppose we wouldn't have recognised each other then being one day before we met in Minsmere.