25 June 2017

Midsummer Evening Meal

英語でmidsummerと言うと、日が一番長い夏至の時期。夜になっても明るくて、大学は夏休みで、幼鳥があちこちで生まれていて、本当に夏真っ盛りという気がした。その変わり8月にはもう秋の気配が漂っていた。 midsummerの訳語は「真夏」だとされるけれど、どうも日本で真夏というと、まだまだ先の7月後半から8月のイメージだ。梅雨の存在は大きい。

June is our rainy season.  So even though this is the month of longest daylight, it's often dull and not too hot and we forget about the sun.
But I thought we ought to appreciate the long evening!  We had supper on a sea cliff, which is nicknamed "Scotland Point" by somebody.  

The sunset time was at 19:00 but because of the heavy cloud at the horizon, the sun disappeared much earlier and everything became grey for a while.  
And suddenly around 19:10, just for a few minutes, the sky and the sea became pink!  The cloud caught the sunlight, which was already under the horizon from where we were, and reflected on the sea.   

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