29 May 2011

Candy town

On that night, I was in Colmar, France, passing through Luxemburg. All the houses in the town were colorful and cute just like candy houses.

Petite Venice
To my surprise, I learned that Colmar was where the Sophie's town in Howl's Moving Castle by Hayao Miyazaki was modeled after.

スタジオジブリのスタッフは、この町でしばらく取材をしたという。ファンタジーであってもイメージの元となる場所やものの"first-hand observation" が大切、というチューターの言葉を思い出した。

What I really wanted to draw was the lanterns but nothing else...

From the morning till evening, I could hear Swifts shrilling above the sky.

We had a French breakfast at a cafe by the church. This is what I wouldn't experience if I was just a student traveler. I had to grin remembering the expensive tiny little cup of hot chocolate in Paris. Thank you MC and Jane!

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