2 October 2011

Morecambe Bay

It was almost a month ago, I went to see the Morecambe Bay. I just wanted to see the enormous flat land and waders.

Humphrey Head
During this trip I really thought that I had been spoiled by all my friends from Cambridge RSPB group. They always kindly pick me up at my place, take me to nice sanctuary or birding spots and drive me safely back home.
Since Morecambe Bay is an enormous area which has a great tidal range and birds have wings to go anywhere along with the tide, it was difficult to get to the right place at the right moment to watch them.
On Sunday morning, I decided to walk toward Humphrey Head following the Cumbria Coastal Way and found myself standing in the mud! But it seemed to be the right way. With a kind gentleman who was also walking along the coastal way, we walked to the Humphrey Head in the mud.
Most of the time I was alone between the huge sky and huge mudflat.
There was a lovely wheatear hoping around but no waders...

Walking back to the Grange-over-sands I finally saw a huge flock of waders and waterfowls such as Oystercatchers, Shellducks and Curlews.

Numbers of tiny dots on the huge mudflat was, I think, the true scene of Morecambe Bay.


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