29 November 2011

Student life

December is just around the corner and we only have two more classes. And that is going to be the end of my student life.
My mother used to say that I should definitely go to university not because that it would give me enough knowledge nor a chance to get a nice job, but because the days I could spend as a university student would be the best time in my life. Now, I am really grateful that I could have one year and a half extra student life in England.

In the final stage of the MA course, we are far too busy and stressed with works to enjoy the rest of the days. The end always comes too quickly.


  1. Love the giant teddy with a girl! I was quite busy last few month. Finally I finished the first commission. And two more to go!

  2. Hi Hiromi!
    Glad to hear from you and it seems that you are having nice busy time:)