23 January 2012

Tom's Midnight Garden

I have just finished rereading Tom's Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce in English and I was fascinated by all the description of the setting. It's all about here around Cambridge!

I know that it's not a good idea to illustrate something that is still copyrighted but I could not help trying. Because I could really imagine how it would be. It means so much more when you read these books in English after actually spending time in England.
And this became a good break from lino/rubber carving as well.

"Tom, before, had known only the garden, and a very little beyond its limits; now, from his wall-top, he saw what seemed to be the whole world.
'Tell me what you see,' Hatty pleaded."

"Hatty and Tom skated and skated, and for a long time the tower seemed to let them come no nearer, but performed a mysterious movement instead, now to one side, now to the other, now ahead, according to the winding of the river."

Now, I know the flat fenland, the river floating along, Ely cathedral, the wash, geese(probably Grey-lag), Yew trees and the frozen river Cam from last winter...

Thank you, Hiromi, for reminding me of this book!
I will reread Minnow on the Say, too. And when it gets warmer, I will cycle again to Great Shelford.


  1. ヒヨ吉23/1/12 10:09


  2. "Ooooooooooooooo Ting that looks GREAT!" is what I said out loud to the computer monitor when I saw this post.

  3. ヤマセミ23/1/12 19:16


  4. ヒヨ吉さん、
    Thank you. I really enjoyed drawing in pencil after carving linos a lot.

  5. One of my favorite book! Nice job!

  6. the colour and tone are so subtle and beautiful! I can feel how lovely the story it is :) llooooovvvve it!!

  7. Hi Hiromi,
    Pearce is my favorite author as well. I used to love "Minnow on the Say" and "The Way to Sattin Shore" a lot more than Tom. But now I am not sure... I could understand Tom's story a lot more now and I found it very very interesting.
    Hi Yiting,
    Thank you! You should read this story...although at the moment I have the library copy here.

  8. Mary Claire2/2/12 09:08

    I read that book first when I was 10.... Then in my early twenties... Time to read it again, after my London trip!

  9. Hi MC,
    Yes, you should!! And then come to Cambridge and Ely as well:)