20 November 2012

working times

I've been having lovely time meeting my friends and catching up all the news happened in Japan. I was lucky enough to make new friends and have some chats which showed me good prospect. I was glad and relieved to find that even after an absence of two years, I am still very much connected to all the groups I used to belong to.
But some part of me is looking forward to going back in my own little corner in Cambridge, all alone in my own little chair. I feel that I need more time to work on my own project.

Monoprint lawing

Many people asked me when I will come back to Japan for good and start job hunting.
"You can not be hanging around without any proper job for any longer," they said.
But I want to be a freelance illustrator and make children's books! And it needs a lot of works and takes loooong time to start! It is scary not to follow the normal railway track of life. But if I don't try right now, when am I going to do it? After retirement?


  1. I do feel same way when I visit Japan.
    Great job to choose. Nothing wrong to follow your dream. I gave up once, but it came true when I did follow again. Keep knocking, the door will open for you.

  2. こんにちは。自分も農工祭行って来ました!

  3. Hi Hiromi,
    I just need to keep trying. It seems easy when I am with the other artists in the same situation and it is not when I'm with my friends who already got proper jobs!