8 May 2013


My friend and I made our farewell trip to Andaluía, Spain. We needed the bright happy sun. Spain was beautiful. The buildings have white bare walls with mustard coloured frames and black decorative fences and they all shine in the sun!

Glorieta Curro Romeo
I don't know how many hours we spent looking at this scenery talking about art and beauty and life and ethic. Orange trees were everywhere in Seville. I realised that how vegetation can change the atmosphere of the place. Seville looked tropical with the palm trees, bougainvillea, trees with entwined roots.


We also spent quite a long time under the huge wood structure looked like mushrooms, the Metropol Parasol. This is a sketch from there. Lots of tiles are used in the buildings. Lapis lazuli colour matches very well with the mustard frames.

We also visited Cordoba for a day. We found this lovely alley way with geranium hanging from the windows and started to sketch. While we were in the middle of drawing, a young man from the nearby hotel came out and asked us if we would like to see and sketch the roof top view of the city.

So some minutes later we found ourselves sitting in a comfortable chair with cushion on a terrace under a parasol. Thank you so much!

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