28 October 2013

Shrikes and persimmons

While I was stuck at home working, autumn had finally arrived here. For the last two days I managed to go out with my sketchbooks for an hour or two! It was lovely to be out in the fresh air!

There are several orchards around my area and now they are all in orange with persimmon fruits.

This female brown-headed shrike decided to take this orchard as her winter home. From morning till the evening, she is singing aloud at the top of trees claiming her territory.

棚を整理したら、農工大を卒業時に美術部の後輩からもらった水彩用のスケッチブックを見つけ、いまさらながらではあるが使いはじめた。良い紙のスケッチブックは、高いからなかなか買えないけれど、やっぱり発色がよいのでうれしい! 美術部のみんなありがとう!

I also visited a small river near my house, flowing right behind a bread factory. I used to go there often to watch birds when I was in the junior high school and the high school. While I was sketching this shrike in the field of goldenrods, I suddenly felt nostalgic. It was the smell from the bread factory! Unconsciously, I must had been sniffing the bread whenever I was there!

Kingfisher (female) is always a star. But today, I was more happy to spot a daurian redstart for the first time this season!



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