22 December 2013

Happy Christmas

I wish you a wonderful Christmas!

This sketch is from the Christmas last year. I wish I was going back to Cambridge for Christmas! The three Christmases I had in England were all gorgeous memories.
I can not find any of those Christmasy things like the real spruce tree or Christmas pudding, panattoni, mince pies, stilton, crackers with paper crowns or a big Father Christmas chocolate here in Japan. But I insisted on buying brussel sprouts, at least!


This year, I was in Christmas mood as early as the last day of May. Because that day I received an e-mail with the subject "Happy Christmas." It was from the editor of the Atlantis verlag in Switzerland offering a book deal for my Christmas story which I showed in Bologna. I am still working on it but almost there to finish the actual artworks! So it is indeed a very happy Christmas for me. The book should be out sometime in late summer next year.

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